Americans have been impacted by Covid-19 more than any other virus in history. We are pleased that as of May 22nd 2020 we are cleared to get our customers back in the air!

Enhanced Hygiene Procedures

Safety has always been a priority at Triangle Skydiving Center, long before Covid-19 was a problem. Our new policies and procedures are our best effort at extending that culture of safety in a world still impacted by Covid-19. We understand these new policies and procedures are not perfect and will not entirely prevent the spread of a potential virus but we strongly feel that they will provide the safest, lowest risk environment possible at this time.

We realize that some of our new procedures will be inconvenient and potentially impact your enjoyment of your skydiving experience. We also understand that many of our customers will not agree with the need for them and you can be sure we are right there with you. That said, when faced with a choice between remaining shutdown indefinitely and operating under these new procedures it became clear that it was not only worth trying but also critical to our businesses long term health.

We fully intend to relax these procedures over time as state and county officials are satisfied with our commitment to keeping our customers safe. Please have patience with us as we learn to operate in a highly reactive environment charged by numerous different outlooks on this virus. Our goal is to return to an experience resembling our 2019 tandem skydiving but we aren’t there quite yet. For now, we are excited to be able to share tandem skydiving with our customers at all and hope you are too!

What we are doing


  • We started by treating our entire facility and all equipment with an antimicrobial electrostatic spray just like commercial airlines are using on their aircraft.
  • We will be using temporal thermometers to check our customers for temperatures over 100.3 degrees which is considered a fever by the CDC before they are allowed to enter the premises. Please reschedule your skydive if your temperature exceeds 100.3 degrees as we will not be able to take you skydiving.
  • Check-in facilities have been clearly marked for 6ft separation between groups that are not personal friends or family. Contactless payment such as Apple Pay and Paypal is highly encouraged and cash transactions will only be taken if no other options are available. All personal identification will need to be presented for age verification without transferring possession of the identification.
  • We have reduced the need for traditional high-touch areas such as doors, iPads and credit card machines to be interacted with as regularly. Bathroom doors, sinks and toilets will be cleaned regularly. Your assistance with keeping our facilities clean is greatly appreciated.
  • We have procured personal goggles ($10) neck gaitors ($10) to be used as facemasks for our customers to reduce the spread of microbes via droplets and skin contact when they cannot practice social distancing of 6ft or more from others who are not their personal friends or family. We also have a supply of personal 2 oz hand sanitizer available for those who don’t want to use the shared hand sanitizer available at the front desk for $5. Customers may bring their own neck gaitors if they are so inclined but must use our goggles as they are specially designed to stay put during free-fall.
  • We have designated separate areas for our licensed jumpers, AFF students and Tandem students to encourage social distancing. Please do not transfer between areas or exceed 25 people in any area. Practice social distancing within each area. Tandem student waiting area has been clearly marked for 6ft separation to help groups that are not personal friends or family keep their distance.
  • We have reduced the number of tandem bookings allowed per hour to stay under state gathering limits and keep our plane less crowded. Exceptions will be allowed for groups of personal friends and family who have been sheltering in place together.


No Spectators Inside

Spectators are encouraged to stay home if possible or in their cars if they attend. Tents will be setup in the parking lot in full view of the landing area if spectators do attend but may not exceed 25 people total during North Carolina Phase 2 re-opening. Video packages are available to share your experience with others offsite.

No Tandem Skydivers Over 60

Because of the increased risk associated with those over 60 who contract Covid-19, we are temporarily restricting skydiving to customers between 18 and 60. We look forward to taking customers over 60 in the very near future.

Upstairs Facilities Closed

Our upstairs observation room and rest room are closed to tandem customers and all spectators. Only approved canopy, AFF or rigging loft customers will be allowed upstairs at this time.

Waiver Room Limits

All customers are encouraged to waiver before coming out to the dropzone. Only 2 people will be allowed in the waiver room at a time unless all individuals are personal friends and/or family.

Facemasks Required In Aircraft

Customers must keep their neck gaitors up over their faces while onboard the aircraft and in tandem freefall as it is not always possible to practice social distancing during these times.

Playground Is Closed

Due to the difficulty of keeping a public playground clean, we cannot offer this service for our drop zone children and visitors at this time.

Hours of Operation

Wednesday12:00 PM — 8:00 PM
Friday12:00 PM — 8:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM — 8:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM — 8:00 PM

Contact Us


(919) 497-5867



480 Airport Road, Suite 200
Louisburg, NC 27549